Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions will be updated regularly and notifications will be sent each time to each user.

To join FacePOS you first must download the app from Google Play.

Once you download the app it will ask you to fill in the information and upload a recent photo.

Customers will then be asked to join their bank account to FacePOS debit app. Once you enter your details your bank will text you asking if you want FacePOS to process your electronic payments through FacePOS terminal using facial recognition to confirm your identity.

When you confirm FacePOS app will now process your payment only when you use FacePOS app.

Opening app

1. Welcome Screen:

a. Just Showing Splash the FacePOS logo for 2 seconds then redirect to login page.

2. Login Screen

1. New Customer signup with their Mobile Number

1. Signup with their Mobile Number

2. Check is Mobile number already exist, if exist then redirect with “Username already exist, do you want to reset

password?. With Yes /No.

1. If Yes then redirect to reset password section

2. If no then redirect to login section

3. If Mobile numbers do not exist then we will send OTP to their Mobile number.

4. After OTP Entered we redirect to profile page update ( OTP One time Password)

1. In Profile Page

1. Photo – Get Image from Camera / Gallery

2. First Name and Last Name

3. Mobile Number(locked/Read Only)

4. 4 Digit Passcode for login screen.

5. Contact Address

1. door number, Street Name, Address , State, City, Postcode, Country, email id.

6. After updated we redirect add Bank Account details

1. Bank Name, Branch Name, Account Number, Account Name, IFSC Code, SWIFT Code, any


7. Add Money from their Bank Account to Wallet .

8. Redirect to Dashboard


2. Login Screen continue

1. Existing User Forgot Password

1. If customer forgot password then they must type their mobile number, we will send OTP to verify he forgot the

password, if OTP entered Valid then we will give options to change/reset their password.

2. After password reset/skip that step then it will redirect to login page

2. Existing User Login with valid password then, we will log their IP, with date and time of login and redirect to



3. Dashboard

1. Dashboard will have the current balance of their wallet, last 5 transactions (Paid/Received) details will be there. And Left

side menu will be there.

2. Menu will have following Menus,

1. Profile Picture with end of edit options on their

2. Add Money to Wallet

3. Pay

4. Receive

5. Statement

6. Withdraw money to registered bank

7. Change password

8. Logout.

Customers must give same name as on identification which use in your Bank

Customers can send money to family and friends for free.

Customers will have no fees for sending or and spending money.

Customers will pay all charges charged by your bank.

Customers phone or device will also be used in protection of of fraud for you FacePOS account

FacePOS Innovation 

FacePOS is an innovation in Banking and because of our uniqueness FacePOS comes under many different regulatory bodies in Europe and Ireland.

We are regulated by the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of Ireland.

The PSD2 explains what Payment Service Companies rules are and  must comply with to safeguard customers and to make sure there are not illegal transactions under the Anti Money Laundering Act. FacePOS has also created a ledger tracking every transaction made allowing us to track the money of criminal activities and protect users from crime and fraud.

FacePOS will not use any personal information belonging to a customer or business, FacePOS will not give information to any 3rd party for free or for payment.

Regulations and guidelines below








Privacy or GDPR


FacePOS will not sell or give users private information to any third party entities.

FacePOS only confirms your account and customers and businesses are responsible for their accounts and receipts, FacePOS will only store receipt numbers and confirmation from both parties so we can only confirm transactions have been done in legal manor.




FacePOS claims to be the 2.0 of cash, so we have created FacePOS tools to act like cash and it should be treated like cash, meaning if you send your friend money and then you have a row and now you want your money back from FacePOS, this will not happen unless you get a court order to say so, FacePOS will not take responsibility for your actions but we will confirm you did send them money.

We have made life easier and safer but we take pride in not spying on our customers telling them where and when they spend their money, FacePOS believes this would be infringing on your rights. So with freedom comes responsibility of the customer and business to conduct their business in a manner which complies with all regulations from the Central Bank of Europe and government bodies.

FacePOS will not refund money unless a business has to or wants to.

If you use FacePOS app then the receipts of the businesses you spend money with will not show up in your bank account but only in FacePOS statements.

All transactions are the responsibility between the FacePOS customer and FacePOS businesses, FacePOS processes the transactions made between both parties and confirms its to be legal at time of sale and therefore any dispute between the parties will come under consumer rights and businesses regulations and FacePOS will only prove the sale and payment and will not be responsible for remedy.


Customers Will be responsible for their own spending and sending of money to Non verified Business using FacePOS terminal. So if you see a business claiming to be allowed to use FacePOS terminal but receives money as another customer, FacePOS will not be responsible for goods or services purchased or refunds. But we will confirm the payment so you may take it further to find a remedy outside of FacePOS entity.  

Customers must have photo identification to open a FacePOS account parents can add children from the age of 13 to their accounts.

FacePOS Customers can Not send money abroad for the 1st year due to banking regulations.

Customers can sell old stuff or unwanted items and receive money through FacePOS without being  business verified, as we all sell stuff from time to time.

Customers are not allowed to purchase illegal drugs using FacePOS.

Customers caught using FacePOS to receive money for illegal acts or breaking Anti Money Laundering laws will have their accounts frozen and alleged customers' information handed over to the Garda (Police) and CAB Criminal Assets Bureau.

Customers' FacePOS App is free to use unless your bank charges fees like Dedit Levy which is out of our control.

Customers will not be able to send money to another country for 1 year due to laws and regulations explained in the PSD2. 



All businesses must be verified to use FacePOS terminal to receive funds from our customers.

FacePOS agents will come to your place of business and confirm your business details.

FacePOS businesses will take full responsibility for using FacePOS terminal to confirm correct customer  transactions are processed each time. Businesses who fail to confirm the correct person has committed fraud there for customers will receive refund from said business, businesses or and business users who commit fraud will be prosecuted for fraud as well.

All funds held in FacePOS Bank account come under the guidelines from the Central Bank under the PSD2 links attached.

Pricing for Ireland

Taxi Driver terminal app will cost €50 to confirm that you're complying to Taxis Regulations.

Business Premises terminal will cost €150 to confirm your working within your guidelines.


FacePOS allowing 3rd 0party wallets to use our terminals must contact us directly.